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Hi, I’m Imanol Sistiaga, I was born in The Basque Country, but I moved to Barcelona to study photography at the IDEP and graduating as a photographer and filmmaker after studying for four years.
Before I studied and worked as a teacher of EGB. A photographer is born and made. Since childhood I’d been drawing and painting incessantly, charcoal, oil, acrylic ... At age 12, my father, who was a sailor, brought me a Polaroid camera from Canada that changed my life. My impatient nature fitted well with the immediacy of the result. I started fascinated by photography and practice it, until I decided to leave the teaching career to become a professional in my new profession, it would be passion. Between Madrid and Barcelona, I prefered Barcelona for the sea. In San Sebastián there was no image schools so powerful as in Barcelona, where have lived a few exciting years in all matters relating art and applied arts. From 86 to 90 of the last century I trained in Barcelona, learned all photographic techniques, the nineteenth century ones, as gum bichromate or cianotipias the twentieth century, and later the XXI century techniques. I consider myself a professional photographer since 1990. From 86 to 90 I didn’t stop making author exhibitions in Europe, my topic was the naked creative, photographing dancers, girls  and boys and friends, in the studio we

 shared Nuria Parellada and I among others, in front of the Palau de la Música Catalana in BCN.In 1990 I began to specialize in architectural and interior photography, never leaving the portrait. Then I started photographing objects for advertising, like jewelry such as food.
I posted my commissioned work in many European and American magazines, including Elle, Casa Viva, Arquitectura y Diseño, The Traveller, Nuevo Estilo...
I have made thousands of images for the following 5 star hotels Barcelona: Hotel Arts, Hotel Rey Juan Carlos, Princesa Sofía, La Florida, Mandarín Oriental, Le Meridien ...
I have produced advertising campains for agencies like Medas, Racc, Banc Sabadell, BBVA, Estrella Damm ... ...
As a photographer I consider myself from the Barcelona school.
In all these years I have worked primarily in medium format, especially with Hasselblad and in large format with Cambo. Currently I work in almost all digital orders.
Every day I make more films as a filmmaker, commissioned, and for pleasure, the last ones are personal, and I compose them intuitively. Here I put into practice my long years of experience as a photographer, giving an intention chromatic contrast, texture, etc in my movies. I enjoy filming them and also editing them.
I like to work anywhere in the world as long as I earn half before leaving. Already some assignments have taken me to Europe, America and Africa.

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